Experience the Art of Indian Culinary Excellence at Mahaan

Indulge in a symphony of flavors, where tradition meets innovation, at Mahaan – the pride of Montague Street in Worthing.

Welcome to Mahaan.

Your Premier Destination for Authentic Indian and Bangladeshi Cuisine in Worthing

Mahaan is an award-winning curry house located on Montague Street in Worthing. Our restaurant is recognized for serving mouthwatering and authentic Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine to the south. Our customers know us as one of the finest restaurants in the region, and the best in Worthing. Our restaurant is fully licensed and air-conditioned, creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for our guests. Our friendly and attentive staff are always ready to provide the best possible dining experience for our customers.

Mahaan in Pictures: A Visual Feast of Our Culinary World

Dive into the world of Mahaan through our gallery, where we tell the story of our Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine in frames. Immerse yourself in the delicious moments and the beauty of our restaurant's ambiance.

Fresh food, royal style.

Testimonials of Excellence: What Our Guests Say About Mahaan

We're delighted to share the stories and feedback of our beloved guests. This section serves as a tribute to the experiences they've had at Mahaan, where culinary excellence converges with heartfelt hospitality. Explore the voices that celebrate the flavors and ambiance that make Mahaan an exceptional dining destination.

Ian Anderson

Very good food. Was skeptical at first as the menu was larger than average so I thought, oh oh, central curry pot here we go, but no. Dishes were all good, totally different sauces and very tender chicken. Tidy and modern place too. Only criticism is that the service is perfunctory at best, especially the guy taking the food order.

John Veevers

Very busy place on the Sunday (fathers day) when we went, but the staff managed to fit us in after a little wait. However we were not disappointed with their offerings from a large menu. Plenty of drink choice at very reasonably priced which was a bonus. The food was well presented and tasted fantastic, would thoroughly recommend this place.

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